Creators First

Having a deeper mission, besides simply making money, is important for any business. Unfortunately, most companies fail at recognizing this. When a business fails to recognize the importance of having a mission, its team will be less motivated because they don’t feel like they are having any real impact on the world.

With this in mind, we established a clear mission, vision, and set of core values at Pop Inc. from day one. When we were just two employees we had these three items laid out because getting culture right from the get go is very important. Companies, such as Uber, have shown what can go wrong when you don’t set the right values in place from the get-go. We’ve taken learnings from the missteps of others to make sure we build a company that is inclusive, fun, and gives employees a sense of purpose.

The core of our business is putting creators first. We put creators first by developing tools that help artists and app developers earn more with less effort. When creators have easier access to passive income, they have more freedom to reach their maximum creative potential. We believe that this is important because it’s a way for the Pop Inc. team to make the world more colorful and fun.

With this, lets dive in to what makes Pop Inc. tick from a company culture aspect:

  • Vision: Add color to everyone’s digital communications.
  • Mission: Give creators the power to earn more, create more, and make everyone’s life more exciting.
  • Service Statement: To support creators by giving them simple tools that monetize the newest creative outlets.

If creators aren’t getting paid, we aren’t building a company where our mission is being fulfilled.

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